Sino-German Financial Cooperation (Promotional Loans / China Investment Programme) – 5 Hospitals in 3 Provinces



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The project involves 5 hospitals (1) Expansion of Luoyang Dongfang Hospital in Henan Province. (2) Hunan Health Programme involves upgrading of 3 hospitals in Changsha, Hunan Province and its neighbouring cities Zhuzhou and Xiangtan (3) Expansion of the Affiliated Peoples Hospital of Inner Mongolia Medical College, Hohhot to a cancer specialist hospital. Tasks include assist in the definition of technological standards for medical equipment to ensure procurement of high-quality and cost-efficiency equipment; advise on the definition of incidental services of major medical equipment; advise on typical shortcomings in supply contracts; advise on organisation and documentation of acceptance procedure for equipment items; and formulation of specific acceptance procedures that can be incorporated in the supply contracts for equipment