Tuanku Mizan Military Hospital – 95 Armed Forces Hospital


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Services provided:

Year of Completion



The original Tuanku Mizan Military Hospital was built in the 1950’s as an army base camp and then converted into a rehabilitation hospital.  With the rapid advancement of information and medical technologies and the pressing need for a high standard healthcare facility to cater for a new 282-bed military hospital was planned in 2001.


The new Tuanku Mizan Military Hospital was envisioned as a centre of excellence, and Mediconsult was to provide medical planning services, from site master planning to schematic and detailed design stages, construction documentation and health planning contract administration services during construction.


Mediconsult was also responsible for the full scope of medical equipment planning, from initial equipment planning to procurement and including implementation and commissioning.


Today, the new Tuanku Mizan MiIitary Hospital has become a Centre of Excellence and referral hospital for Malaysia’s Ministry of Defence, equipped to handle trauma cases and referrals from other military facilities. It also provides primary, secondary and tertiary medical services for the general population. Its emphasis is on emergency medicine and traumatology.