500 Beds Military Institute of Traditional Medicine Hospital


Hanoi, Vietnam

Services provided:

Year of Completion


Ministry Institute of Vietnam


The hospital is planned and designed as a modern facility that will provide the best possible care and treatment of patients, by integrating TVM diagnosis and treatment system spanning over thousands of years, with the most updated biomedicine practices. In this integrative model of care approach, patients will be diagnosed based on traditional TVM principles complemented by modern imaging and lab diagnostics, after which traditional treatment and medicine will be prescribed.

In keeping with the key principles of Traditional Medicine, the architectural concept is derived from the equilibrium between natural and man-made elements: Yin and Yang. By recognizing that the environment plays an important role in the healing process, the building is designed to let in abundant natural daylight and facilitates cross ventilation. Pockets of green ‘healing gardens’ are incorporated to create a healing environment.