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Many needs - One partner.
Mediconsult's holistic approach to service provision.

our approach:

A larger project does not always require a larger number of partners. Mediconsult's key strength is it's ability to provide all services any healthcare project needs.

This reduces implementation cost and time and avoids the danger of miscommunication between too many parties.


Space planning for health facilities is primarily about relationships within the context of the selected model of care. This may remain the same for a small community hospital or a large referral hospital. Yet the functionality of a facility is dictated by the skill of the planner in manipulating the many relationships in creating a functional whole.

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Asset Evaluation

We assess the existing physical condition of the facility and its functionality and report with recommendations on lifespan, maintenance and future usage.

Functional & Space Programming

We develop the concept definition of the facility, its role, key operational policies and service capacity. We develop the schedule of accommodation based on the functional programme.

Master Planning

We offer services for site selection and site evaluation, prepare block plans showing site usage and site development strategies, buildings/ departmental juxtapositions, workflow & circulation proposals, future expansion/ development of facilities.

Schematic Design

We plan all facilities at 1:200 scale and prepare 1:200 floor plan which show all rooms & spaces, engineering plant, lifts & major shafts, access points. We also prepare schedules indicating proposed internal finishes & fittings.

Design Development

The next stage is to prepare 1:50/ 1:75 floor plans often referred to as loaded drawings, which incorporate all furniture & equipment and coordinate with the building services engineers to include power and gas outlets.

Construction Documentation

The loaded drawings are finalised and dimensioned with all fixed furniture, fittings and services shown together with finishes and door descriptions.

Post Occupancy Evaluation

Subsequent to occupation, we assess the physical, functional and operational aspects of the facility in light of the planning and brief of process.


As medical technology advances, its enabling tools, medical equipment, proliferates. Whilst manufacturers merged into vast new enterprises of late, some of the old names of a bygone era disappeared into these conglomerates and new names emerged. Mediconsult however, remains foremost in our belief: appropriate technology, local support and maintenance.

Needs Assessment

We examine requirements in relation to services utilisation & provision, demand & supply-side factors. If available, our assessment will conform to medical design brief & schedule of accommodation.

Equipment Scheduling

We prepare equipment schedule inclusive of room-by-room list, distribution list, bill of quantity and investment cost estimation.

Detailed Planning

We provide technical data for architectural, mechanical & engineering and information technology. If require, we have the technology to churn-out room data sheet.


We prepare specification for all major equipment, surgical instrument sets and start-up medical consumables.

Tender Management

We provide tender management services which include preparation of tender document, tender invitation and tender evaluation.

Installation and Commissioning

At this scope, we prepare installation programme, supervise installation, testing & commissioning activities, execute equipment inventory and coordinate training.

Maintenance Planning:

We develop maintenance concept that is tailored to the needs, from small scale contracting out of maintenance services to large scale contracting out or privatisation of entire maintenance scope.


Health providers often encounter issues associated with management, performance, quality and efficiency, be it the entire system or a single facility. Thus, the monitoring and evaluation of healthcare is no longer input driven, but is becoming process and output/ outcome driven. All these developments necessitate reshaping of the landscape in healthcare into a new frontier: strengthening or computerisation of Health Management and Information System (HMIS).

Strategic IT Plan

We develop strategic HMIS plan based on needs assessment that examines existing system and analyses current infrastructures and system process flows to identify potential disaster loop holes. The plan incorporates technical and functional requirements, preliminary software, hardware & network allocation, financial budget and if required, phased implementation approach for management consideration.


Based on development objective of HMIS, we finalise the technical and functional requirements, software, hardware & network allocation, implementation strategy, expansion plan and financial budget. If required, we conduct Request for Information (RFI) exercise to perform market analysis on HMIS software and hardware; and subsequently propose suitable solution for competitive tender.

Tender Management

We prepare and issue tender document, inviting potential vendors to submit their tender. Activities include tender evaluation, and if appropriate, we will conduct guided system demonstration using live data and reference site visit together with the tender committee.

BPR, Implementation & Management

We undertake activities for business process reengineering (BPR), system design, user training, installation, testing and commissioning. Through out, we focus on change management process, i.e. communication and education activities with users of system. In managing the project, we look into management of risk, resource, customisation, problem, contract, progress and quality to ensure successful implementation.

Post-live Review

Herein, our objectives are to ensure attainment of project goals and objectives set, assess areas of gaps, identify areas and strategies for improvement, and achieve optimum resources (human, financial) utilisation.


As the overall development of a country intensified, expectation of healthcare rises. Yet resource allocation often does not match the rising expectation. Within the scarcity, much is expected to be achieved, from meeting the demand, to provision of quality yet equitable services, whilst it is expected to implement fault-proof policies and ensure adequate management capacity. Thus, the health system adjusted. We thereby, are presented with Health Sector Reform, Sector-wide Approach (SWAp), decentralisation, Public-Private Partnership (PPP) etc.

Feasibility Study/ Programme Preparation

In conducting programme preparation study, we conduct situational analysis on population demographic, health status, health system and policy context. We assist in priority setting by presenting the health and resources needs based on the findings. Through identification and appraisal of a few feasible options, we facilitate decision-making in a coherent and systematic manner.

Programme Design/ Programme Implementation Plan (PIP)

We conceptualise programme design which incorporates programme development objectives, integrated and coherent programme components, performance indicators, logical framework, institutional and implementation arrangements and budget requirement for each component. Subsequently, we can further expand the project design into a detailed PIP.

Programme Implementation and Monitoring

The activities for implementation vary, depending on the nature of support required. We are, however, experienced in the implementation of common activities found in most health strengthening projects, i.e. physical infrastructure upgrading, equipment supply & maintenance, information system improvement, consumables supply and training. For training, we are competent to organise and conduct capacity building training workshops for all areas in health.

In the context of implementation, we monitor to ascertain that the planned activities is materialised at the right time within the right budget, using pre-defined indicators and mode of verification.


We conduct process or formative evaluation during mid-term evaluation to identity the issues in project implementation as well as to provide opportunity and solution to rectify the problems. Upon completion of project implementation, we undertake end-of-project or summative evaluation to assess the achievement of the project.


In healthcare setting there is a perpetual need for additional resources. Public health, which focuses on prevention as the primary approach, is the strategy to attain better health outcomes within the constraints.

Sexual & Reproductive Health

We provide expertise in the strategies promoting sexual & reproductive health. We design and implement family planning programmes that ensure access to effective, safe, affordable and acceptable methods of family planning as well as prevent unwanted pregnancies and unsafe abortion. For Safe Motherhood, we look to prevention of the “3-delays”, improvement in referral system, antenatal care, emergency obstetric care, postnatal care, safe abortion, and access to basic healthcare as the key to reduce maternal morbidity and mortality.

In prevention and control of sexually transmitted infections (STI) & HIV/AIDS, we lobby for prevention and control strategies that improve access to condoms, voluntary counselling & testing (VCT), behavioural change communication (BCC), harm reduction interventions, syndromic-approach for STI, anti-retroviral therapy (ART) to reduce vertical transmission as well as surveillance. We are concerned with the availability of care and treatment programmes for people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA), in particular the ART.

Health Promotion

Our approach is based on: i) information & education; ii) service provision; iii) networking & advocacy. We assist in improving health education strategies and service provision whilst lobbying for support.

Health Financing

With the objective to alleviate the strain on public health financing, we assist to provide alternative health financing mechanism. Among other, we offer expertise in the privatisation of health services, reallocation of health budgets and development of insurance scheme.

Procurement & Logistics of Health Commodities

Health services improvement is associated with availability of health commodities. The success of a project implementation therefore, is partly rooted in the procurement of commodities at the right time, for the right purpose, at the right quantity, with the right quality and specification, and at the right price. We believes in competitive tender in acquiring the best offer both in term of quality and price, which we are in the position to assist because of our experience in competitive tender. Besides, we have the experience in conducting commodities audit.

Private Participation/ Public-Private Partnership (PPP)

We assist in improving the collaboration of public and private health sectors through the private participation strategies: regulation, contracting of services, social marketing, Vouchers and other demand side funding support, information dissemination/ training to providers and social franchising.


Investment is risk-taking. Financial and investment planning is about turning the risk-taking into profit-taking.