Medical Technology & Maintenance Planning

The continuing evolution and advancement in medical technology provides users with a complex matrix in deciding on ‘Appropriate Choice’ when procuring medical equipment. Our Medical Technology Team undertakes continuous education on the latest technology development as well as understanding manufacturers’ and suppliers’ on-going technology in research and development, commitment to long-term support and pricing philosophy.

This enables our Medical Technology Team to provide the planning for appropriate technology solutions while complying with local conditions and constraints, functionality and operational needs, service requirements, technical support and budget expectations.

Our capabilities and services include:

Medical Technology Planning

  • Needs assessment covering functional and operational requirements
  • Equipment scheduling through the establishment of Bill of Quantity, Room-by-Room schedules, Departmental schedules and budgetary cost estimates
  • Detailed planning, workflow planning, space and technical services requirements for necessary interface with architects and engineersTechnical specifications of equipment
  • Tender managementSite inspection of equipment installation, testing, commissioning, management of user training and hand-over
  • Warranty management

Maintenance Planning

  • Development of maintenance strategies and concepts
  • Planning maintenance training and workshops
  • Development of operational guidelines, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and forms for maintenance
  • Development of physical asset management systems
  • Provide training on maintenance management
  • Provide maintenance training for selected specialised equipment
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