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Uzbekistan – Improving Primary Healthcare

The Government of the Uzbek Republic and ADB have committed resources to improve the primary health sector service delivery. Part of the initiative is to improve rural family polyclinic by providing equipment, health management information frameworks and capacity building measures. 793 new family clinics will be established in 14 Provinces of Uzbekistan over the next 2 years. 

The project is a Project Preparation Technical Assistance (PPTA) with an expected input of 60 man-months over 8 months. Mediconsult was selected by ADB based on previous experience in successfully implementing large-scale public health projects in Central Asia and will provide extensive expertise in procurement risk management, financial assessment and healthcare information systems development and is expected to provide procurement plans for medical equipment and HMIS strategy proposals for public health management improvement.  

The PPTA planned for an estimated 60 man-months over 8 months, starting in January 2017
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