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Bangladesh - Preparing Urban Primary Health Care Services Delivery Project

The government of Bangladesh – together with NGOs and donor banks – have designed and issued the Urban Primary Health Care Service Delivery Project to address healthcare issues resulting from the large urban population. 

In December 2016, Mediconsult was selected as the PPTA consulting partner for the Bangladesh Government and ADB. Major responsibilities for us will be to address strengthening organization and management of health services in urban areas through the Local Government Divisions, improvement of stewardship and coordination of the health sector in the urban areas and improvement of sustainable delivery of primary and public health services in urban areas especially for the poor and the extreme poor. 

Mediconsult will provide public health assessment, procurement management and health information system development, supported by a team of national and international working under Mediconsult project management guidance. 

The project planned for an estimated 30 man-months over 5 months, starting in March 2017
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